Visitor Management System that is Smarter. Safer. Seamless.

Say No, to the traditional book and pen listing of your visitors anymore. Go paperless. Go easy on your hands and minds with Visitorz.io
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    Free 30 Days Trial
  • One Time Payment
    One Time Payment
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One Solution, Multiple Entry-Points

Instant QR-based check-in & check-out

It’s easy and quick to register your visitors without any paperwork. OTP-based authentication makes the process simpler and faster.


Notification for emergency alerts

You can send real-time notifications to members & visitors in case of any emergency and security violations.


Central dashboard for visual interfaces

The central dashboard enables access to the data of each visitor at multiple locations, which can be managed from one place.

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Revolutionizing the Workplace
Experience Worldwide


Investment in hardware


Paper waste/eco-friendly


Security Concern

Is compliance and security

Is compliance and security are a challenge for you?

Look no further. Visitorz.io, a top-tier visitor management system, is here to provide an effective solution.

Our visitor management system is tailored for enterprises, ensuring you meet compliance requirements and enhance security seamlessly. With Visitorz.io, you’ll enjoy streamlined visitor check-in and check-out processes. No more struggling with manual logs and outdated methods.

Our visitor management solution offers robust access control features, real-time tracking, and emergency alerts, making your premises more secure than ever. Rest easy, knowing that your facility’s safety is top-notch.

Visitorz.io is your answer to ensuring a hassle-free and secure environment for your manufacturing unit. Simplify compliance and fortify your security with the Visitorz.io visitor management system.

Hard to track visitors to multiple premises/workplaces

Manufacturing businesses often face the challenge of tracking visitors across multiple premises. Visitorz.io offers a solution that simplifies visitor management and ensures you can effortlessly track visitors at various workplaces.

Our Visitor Management System provides a unified platform to manage visitors across different locations. Say goodbye to the headache of manual visitor tracking; with Visitorz.io, it’s all digital and hassle-free.

Visitorz.io enables real-time visitor tracking, allowing you to know who is where, instantly. Whether it’s suppliers, clients, or auditors, you can monitor their movements efficiently. By choosing Visitorz.io, you bring order and security to your multiple workplaces. Make visitor tracking across your manufacturing units a breeze with our robust and user-friendly system.

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The Value We Deliver

  • Improve Administration Efficiency
    Improve Administration Efficiency
  • Seamless Visitor Experience
    Seamless Visitor Experience
  • Real Time Visit Tracking
    Real Time Visit Tracking
  • Cost Saving & Sustainability
    Cost Saving & Sustainability

A Visual Guide to Our Process

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No Hardwork Required

Our visitorz management system give you control of your data. Only authorized Personnel will have access to your visitor’s information.
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